Dear Bullies, 

On this page we try to explain more in detail what you see and read online next to the items we offer.  Where you should pay attention too, what we try to make clear to you there...

First about some off the Pages:

About us: just some information about who we are, what we do...

Delivery:  All the information regarding prices, how we work, standard conditions and more...

Conditions: just the legal information obligated to be shown online... let us be very clear about this, most of this is legally correct, but we are people who try to work with customers with a personal approach.

So don't panic too much about what you read here ;)

Pictures: just some pictures of the shop and an attempt to get our ugly faces on a photo aswell without scaring someone ;)

Then the Links on the homepage:

Merchandise: everything that you can wear ( shirts, pants, shoes, glasses, buttons, beanies, masks )

Varia: decorative items like skulls, funko items, clocks, booze and jewellery )

Video:  dvd / blu-ray / vhs

Pre-Orders: when we have the time, we try to offer items that are coming soon, on a sharper price... so always keep on eye on this ;)

New Products section: everything that comes in new, this could be a new release but also second hand items, or an item of which the price has changed, will appear here for ten days

Head Banging Bargains: nothing to explain I guess about this ;))

Finally something about the vinyl records problems we encounter...

So we get in Vinyl records a lot, mostly sealed and we try to keep it like that.  But some record labels are very lazy, and press different colours, but don't label this.  So it happens that we get coloured vinyl in, and we say it's black, or the other way around.  We try not to gamble, so when you the check the details, when we have any doubt, it should be stated there...

If you order a record, or a cd, or whatever, and you want to be sure that it's the version you want, always ask first... we are totally honest about this of course...

Same with the colour that is on the picture...  sometimes it could be totally different ( especially with marbled or swirl vinyl ), so always be aware of this, we will not open an item to check for this.  this remains the gamble.

Be aware that all the images are indicative and we don't take a picture of every item.

Finally but important, the condition information:

1 = New / 5 = as good as New / 4 = the item has visible scratches, nothing too much but it's not New... we try not to offer items with numbers 2 and 3, so this you hardly see in the shop, and we never put items with this rating on the webshop, this you better check in person before buying!